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The William Stanley Business Park is managed by the Pittsfield Economic Development Authority. PEDA is a quasi-public agency created by a special act of the Massachusetts State Legislature, for the purpose of being the recipient and redeveloper of the William Stanley Business Park.

PEDA works in close partnership with local, state and federal agencies to develop opportunities and incentives for potential tenants of the Park.

PEDA is made up of a volunteer Board of Directors, appointed by the Mayor of Pittsfield. Board Meetings are held monthly and comply with the open meeting law.

For more information on PEDA, visit the official Pittsfield Economic Development Authority website.

A History of Innovation


The William Stanley Legacy

During his lifetime, Berkshire resident, inventor and engineer William Stanley, Jr. (1858-1916) was granted 129 patents for a wide range of devices—from the first metal thermos to a better electric meter. Though lacking the name recognition of his contemporaries Edison, Tesla and Westinghouse, the prolific and creative Stanley ranks as one of the most significant inventors of AC power.

William Stanley is most noted for his patented coil transformer design in 1885, the breakthrough needed to allow high voltage to be transported safely over long distances using alternating current. In 1886, he demonstrated the world’s first AC lighting system, illuminating the Main Street buildings of nearby Great Barrington. Stanley founded the Stanley Electric Manufacturing Company in Pittsfield in 1890, as a creator of transformers, auxiliary electrical equipment and appliances.


General Electric

Stanley Electric soon garnered the interest of General Electric, which purchased the company and provided another boon to the local economy. As William Stanley continued to create new and improved power distribution grids for GE, the company went on to become the area’s number one employer for more than a century.


The Enduring Legacy…

For generations, inventors, artists, writers, musicians and others of an innovative nature have been drawn to the Pittsfield area—finding inspiration in this land of colorful mountain panoramas, sparkling lakes and abundant fresh air. In the 21st century, the dramatic resurgence of Pittsfield’s historic downtown and the city’s rich history in the arts has helped build one of the most robust creative districts in the Northeast. This new surge of activities and projects has appropriately earned the city the name “Cultural Pittsfield.”

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